Emerging Minds Research Development Fund update – September 2020

In 2020/ 21 we will be focusing particularly on our ‘Voices, Power & Attitudes’ research challenge which was identified as a priority in our original consultation workshops with stakeholders and is increasingly raised as a priority by young people and those who support them. No research projects focused on this research challenge were funded in our first funding call.

We will be encouraging the Emerging Minds Network to explore and answer the following research questions:

  • How does being heard, or involved in social action affect children & young people’s mental health? 

  • How do societal attitudes and structures, in particular racism, affect children and young people’s mental health?

  • How can societal attitudes and structures, in particular racism, be changed in ways that will benefit children and young people’s mental health? 

In Autumn 2020, we will be focused on bringing together and sharing the existing evidence on the questions above and identifying the gaps/ priorities for research to address through a series of virtual events.

This will culminate in a funding call which will ultimately result in one or two research projects being funded by the Emerging Minds Network to address the gaps and priorities identified. 

If are already working on these questions or you would like to get involved this autumn please do get in touch with Emily at info@emergingminds.org.uk, we would love to work with you.

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