Become a Reviewer for the Network

At the Emerging Minds Network, we try to keep our stakeholders, particularly young people and their families, at the centre of our work. We worked with Young Minds and the Centre for Mental Health to develop our 4 Research Challenges. We also want to ensure that young people and their families are involved as we move forward with our first Funding Call.

With this in mind, we are looking for young people and family members to help us make decisions on which research projects to fund. This will involve helping to ensure that:

  • Researchers are involving relevant stakeholders in the design and delivery of their proposed research projects

  • Emerging Minds fund research projects that are most likely to make a difference to children & young people’s mental health.

This is a paid opportunity with a fee of £150 for each day that you contribute to the project with an estimated total of five days of work.

We are seeking to recruit three young people (aged 16-24 years) with lived experience of mental health difficulties and three parents or family members whose children have experience of mental health difficulties.

Young Reviewer Application form and Information Sheet

Family Member Reviewer Application form and Information Sheet

Full details on what is involved and how to apply can be found within the Information Sheets for each role. However, if you do have any other questions about the opportunity or would like an informal chat, please do contact Emily or Susannah via email on

The deadline for all applications is 10am on 9 January 2020