Special Interest Research Groups

The Emerging Minds Network wants to help drive a step change in how research makes a difference to mental health promotion, prevention and early treatment for children & young people’s mental health.

From our Emerging Minds kick-off meetings it was clear that there was real interest in developing further research collaborations across a range of subjects.  We want to further support the development of research collaborations that build bridges between different types of expertise and across different types of organisations and sectors.

A year ago, we opened up the opportunity for passionate people from a range of backgrounds and sectors to grow special interest research groups. The aim of these collaborations is to address and make progress on a key topic for children & young people’s mental health research.

To introduce their groups and explain how other people can get involved, the various co-ordinating teams have put together some short videos and explanations – please click on the headings below to find out more.

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