Special Interest Research Group: Ethnic minority families access to early intervention psychological services

Community CAMHS logo showing six children of diverse appearances and abilities holding hands

Our SIRG’s research aims to investigate the efficacy of evidence-based parent interventions and their access to psychological services for ethnic minority families in the City of London and Hackney.  

Research shows there are higher rates of mental illness among people of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. We want to find out about family’s experience of accessing our service (or reasons for any reluctance to access our service) and their views of the evidence-based interventions we deliver. 

We want to identify with parents and carers of 2-5year olds who access our services if there are any barriers that hinder engagement with us to ensure we are accessible and helpful to all families across City & Hackney. 

Our SIRG will consult parents/carers of 2-5 year olds from Ethnic Minority backgrounds who live in the City of London and Hackney, third sector organisations, researchers and research funding organisations.  

If you’re a parent, a professional or a researcher in the field of early years mental health and wellbeing and you would like to register your interest in our activities this year, please email us on huh-tr.FirstSteps@nhs.net