Special Interest Research Group: Language and Communication Needs in Mental Health

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Children with language and communication difficulties: mapping the ways to research and support their mental health

Our SIRG’s mission is to help fast track research on the impact of children’s language and communication needs on their mental health.

Despite evidence that many children receiving support for social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) have language difficulties, there has been very limited research on how these language needs impact prevention, intervention or identification.

Our SIRG will consult families and young people with language needs, clinicians across the disciplines of speech and language therapy and mental health, and researchers and research funding organisations.

We want to find out what families and practitioners want to know, and what would help researchers to conduct this important work.

If you’re a parent, a professional or a researcher in the field of language or mental health and you want to register your interest in our activities this year, you can do so by emailing hannah.hobson@york.ac.uk.

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Upcoming Events: Summer workshops

We’ll be hosting some virtual workshops this summer to develop our research priorities! The current dates are:

  • July 14th – 1-3pm

  • August 19th 10-12am

  • September 20th 10-12am

These events will include some short talks from researchers, time to examine what our stakeholder engagement activities have revealed so far, and a chance for you to shape what researchers prioritise on the topic of language needs and mental health.

Clinicians, families and academics are all welcome and encouraged to come along!