The Big Question

The Big Question

The Big Question is one of the 4 research challenges that emerged from our priority setting work in 2019Below you can find more detail about what research challenge sought to address, and examples of projects Emerging Minds has supported to achieve this.

How do we implement effective promotion of good mental health, prevention and early treatment for mental health problems at scale amongst children and young people?

  • How do we target known protective, risk and/or maintenance factors in order to ultimately implement effective promotion, prevention and treatment?

  • How do we deliver models and/or interventions that have already been shown to be effective, at scale (and in ways that are accessible and continue to be effective)?

Our stakeholder engagement work emphasised the need to include children and young people whose situations and/or characteristics place them at particular risk and/or children & young people with unmet needs.

The Big Question research challenge was also the theme of our third funding call which focused on:

  • Why even when we know ‘what works’ isn’t this necessarily implemented in policy and practice?


  • How do we improve evidence-based decision making? E.g. How can we successfully inform commissioning and policy decisions, and how can we ultimately increase implementation of research into practice?
The Big Question

Artwork credit: Tom Bailey

You can find out more about our other research challenges and projects we have supported in relation to them via our research challenges page.

We have compiled a dedicated report (May 2023) on how we drew together our research challenges, the progress made towards them, and our perspective on what remains to be done. We would love you to take a look!