Funding Recipients

Funding Recipients

We’re delighted to share some information about the brilliant research projects that we’ve been able to fund via our three Emerging Minds funding calls, and what they have achieved so far. 

First Funding Call


Our first funding call closed in February 2020 and we awarded funding to six successful projects. We invited proposals for projects to address three of our research challenges

  • Embracing Complexity: How can we best meet the needs of children and young people who have intersecting needs and face complex situations?
  • Voices, Power & Attitudes: How can we amplify young people’s voices and change societal attitudes in ways that positively impact on mental health?
  • Supporting the Supporters: How can family members, friends and settings, such as schools, be better enabled to promote good mental health and prevent and overcome emerging mental health problems?

Waiting for Access Into Treatment “WAIT” study: an exploration of current interventions
offered to children and young people on CAMHS waiting lists


Dr Charlotte Hall, University of Nottingham

Developing social prescribing to improve mental health and wellbeing for
children and young people


Dr Emily Stapley, University College London and Dr Daniel Hayes, Anna Freud Centre

Second Funding Call


Our second funding call closed for applications in June 2021 and we awarded funding to three successful projects. We focused specifically on our Voices, Power & Attitudes research challenge, as we did not fund any projects that addressed this challenge in our first funding call. We focused on the following questions:

  • What is the impact of racism on the mental health of children & young people in the UK?
  • What interventions will be effective in addressing racism in ways that will benefit children and young people’s mental health?


Transmission of experiences of racism, anxiety and depression in families (TRADE)


Dr Yasmin Ahmadzadeh, King’s College London in partnership with Centre for Mental Health


Understanding young people’s experiences of racially motivated appearance-focused (RMAF) bullying


Dr Shioma-Lei Craythorne, Lead Researcher and Research Fellow, Institute of Health and Neurodevelopment, Aston University


Improving wellbeing and mental health relating to racism in 10-11 year olds: a Bristol case study


Dr Verity Jones, University of the West of England Bristol

Third Funding Call


Our third funding call closed for applications in December 2021 and we awarded funding to two successful projects. We focused specifically on our Big Question Research Challenge and  asked applicants to address:

  • Why even when we know ‘what works’ isn’t this necessarily implemented in policy and practice?

  • How do we improve evidence-based decision making? E.g.: How can we successfully inform commissioning decisions and policy making and how can we ultimately increase implementation of research into practice?