Fourth Funding Call

We held our final “Research Development” funding call in summer 2022, aimed at those who have been supported by the Network over the last four years. Applicants could apply for up to £3,000 to move their research forward. 

We had a range of applications from across our funded projectsSpecial Interest Research Groupscross-sector placement participants, and GROW programme early career researchers

We awarded a total of £25,000 between 10 projects. We were thrilled to offer funding to five new projects, all led by members of our first GROW early career researcher development programme. We were also able to offer additional funding to five projects we have been supporting over the last few years.

In line with the aims of Emerging Minds and expectations of the funding call, all of these projects had early career researchers within their teams, and the majority were led by ECRs. They also all had multi-disciplinary involvement.

New Projects Awarded Funding

LGBTQ+ Youth Mental Health Research Showcase & Partnership Building

Collaboration building project led by Dr Hazel Marzetti, University of Edinburgh and Dr Catt Turney, The Kite Trust/Off the Record Bristol

Supporting working parents caring for adolescents with mental health difficulties

Research project led by Dr Jackie Parsonage-Harrison, Oxford Brookes University and Dr Faith Martin, Coventry University

Understanding the mental health needs of children and young people with social work involvement

Cross-sector placement led by Dr Eleanor Chatburn, University of East Anglia

Exploring the evidence of associations between physiological and psychological stress in the context of youth mental health

Research project led by Dr Ola Demkowicz, University of Manchester and Dr Hannah Jones, University of Bristol

Projects Awarded Additional Funding

Transmission of experiences of racism, anxiety and depression in families (TRADE)

Research project led by Dr Yasmin Ahmadzadeh, King’s College London in partnership with Centre for Mental Health (Additional funding to host two interdisciplinary workshops with key stakeholders, and disseminate findings.)

Young people & self-stigma in mental health

Special Interest Research Group led by Dr Nicola Cogan, Strathclyde University (Additional funding to continue their co-production research capturing young 󠄀people’s understandings and experiences of mental health self-stigma and help seeking behaviour.)

Bridging the gap: Optimising implementation of evidence in children and young people’s mental health

Research project led by Dr Holly Bear, University of Oxford (additional funding to convene a writing retreat to develop research questions on implementing evidence-based practice, prepare academic papers and grant applications, and coordinate a toolkit for commissioners.)

Improved Access to Treatment Choices for Children and Young People with Multisensory Hallucinations

Special Interest Research Group led by Dr Sarah Parry, Manchester Metropolitan University (additional funding to carry out an iterative co-design pilot trial for a new app to improve quality of life for young voice-hearers.)

Improving wellbeing and mental health relating to racism in 10-11 year olds: a Bristol case study

Research project led by Dr Verity Jones, University of the West of England Bristol (additional funding to develop a website to disseminate findings, convene a writing retreat to develop a large-scale bid, and launch a new co-produced book If Racism Vanished for a Day.)