Special Interest Research Group: Rethinking Education

The last few years have been an extraordinary time for children and young people; especially in terms of their education.

The Rethinking Education: Lessons from Lockdown SIRG aims to bring together all those with the desire to learn from these experiences. We will catalyse and conduct collaborative research, capturing learning from lived experience, to ensure wellbeing is an intrinsic part of all education provision within an system that enhances the life chances of all.

Progress So Far

Since June 2021, Rethinking Education have held a number of events bringing together young people, parents and carers, educators, mental health professionals, and researchers to come up with a list of research priorities in this area. As of June 2022, we have narrowed these down to five top research questions which we hope can help inspire new research on topics that matter to stakeholders.

We’ve written a blog to tell you all about them, and our future plans.

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