Open Lab Meeting: May

Join us for our next Open Lab meeting on Tuesday May 24, 1-2pm via Zoom.

Neurodivergence and Mental Health: How Do We Embrace Complexity? 

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Children and young people with neurodevelopmental conditions (e.g. autism, learning disabilities, attention differences, dyslexia, dyspraxia) have an increased risk of experiencing mental health problems. Yet we know relatively little about preventing and treating mental health conditions in this group, and they are frequently excluded from mental health research.

In this Open Lab we are hosting Georgia Harper (Embracing Complexity coalition lead) and Suzi Sapiets (Universities of Warwick and Kent), who are members of the coordinating team for our Embracing Complexity in Neurodevelopmental Conditions and Mental Health Special Interest Research Group.

Georgia and Suzi will give a short presentation on the overlap between neurodivergence and mental health and facilitate group discussions on how to embrace this complexity in research and practice. They will draw on findings from their cross-sector project, which you can read about in the report: Embracing Complexity in Research on Neurodevelopmental Conditions and Mental Health.


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