Transmission of experiences of Racism, Anxiety and Depression in families (TRADE)

Yasmin Ahmadzadeh - black and white image

Dr Yasmin Ahmadzadeh, King’s College London in partnership with Centre for Mental Health

Children of parents experiencing anxiety and depression are at higher risk for developing similar problems. Within racialised communities, experiences of racism could be implicated in the familial transmission of anxiety and depression, but this possibility remains under-acknowledged in mental health research and clinical care. The TRADE project will:

  • Gather information via literature review and consultation with parents and teenagers, to document how parents’ experiences of racism, anxiety and depression might affect child mental health.

  • Share findings with community groups, academic and clinical professionals, outlining methods for change in research and clinical care, for those working to support family mental health.

  • Seek to inspire and train future generations of diverse researchers, supporting individuals to pursue research questions that platform lived experiences in their own communities.