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Workshop: Experiences of Black researchers: engaging with anti-racism in research

Led by: Tolúwalàse Fayese, Hannah Abdalla, Malaika Okundi, Carl Simela, and Ziada Ayorech from the Transmission of Experiences of Racism, Anxiety and DEpression in families (TRADE) Project 

In this panel discussion attendees had the opportunity to hear from a diverse team of early career researchers who have been working on the TRADE project. They discussed experiences from the perspective of a team striving to be anti-racist in mental health research.

Three key messages:
  1. Mainstream mental health research is racist.  
  2. Racism exists in our research teams.  
  3. We must be actively anti-racist to address these issues, and everyone has a part to play in actioning this change. 
Panelists talking

This workshop was connected to our Voices, Power & Attitudes research challenge: How can we amplify young people’s voices and change societal attitudes in ways that positively impact on mental health?

Further Resources

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Workshop Live Tweets

You can read a great thread below from Mark who live-tweeted the workshop via @Mental_Elf.

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