The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: From interns and advisors to setting research priorities and producing journal publications: the importance and impact of co-production 

Led by: Fiyory T Ghezae, Adenike A. M. O. Adebiyi, and Jawward Mustafa  

This workshop highlighted learnings from the Emerging Minds Network approach to co-producing mental health research with young people. It was led by Emerging Minds interns and advisors, Fiyory, Jawwad, and Nikki, who played a central role in the funding of research projects on the impact of racism on youth mental health in the UK, through our second funding call.

Three key messages:
  1. Opportunities should be provided for early career researchers and those with lived experience of the issues being researched. 
  2. Co-production of research with young people from the beginning matters. 
  3. Any engagement with young people should be meaningful and representative. 

    This workshop was connected to our Voices, Power & Attitudes research challenge: How can we amplify young people’s voices and change societal attitudes in ways that positively impact on mental health?

    Co-production: get young people involved at an early stage...not later on!

    Artwork by Tom Bailey (@tombaileyart).

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