The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: Implementation of evidence and research in children and young people’s mental health

Led by: Tim Clarke, Holly Bear, Georgia Naughton, Thai-Sha Richards, Kate Reeve, and Sarah Shenow from the BRIDGE: Building Research Implementation to Develop and Grow Evidence-Based Practice Project  

This hybrid workshop introduced delegates to key concepts and models relating to implementation science. Facilitators shared their learning and tips from the programme of work in children and young people’s mental health.

Three key messages:
  1. Providers are faced with a complex array of barriers which impede the implementation and adoption of established evidence-based practice (EBP). Similarly, researchers can face challenges in progressing their findings into ‘real-world’ settings. 
  2. Implementation models and frameworks are useful tools when implementing and evaluating EBP, however, knowing how to choose and use them is not straightforward.   
  3. When considering implementation, identify and assess factors such as need, support needed, evidence, fit, usability and capacity to help with planning.

This workshop was connected to our Big Question research challenge: how do we implement effective promotion of good mental health, prevention, and early treatment for mental health problems at scale amongst children and young people?  

Research Reflections Interview

Tim and Holly joined us before the Summit to explain what implementation policy was, as well as some of the key barriers and faciltators that they wanted to discuss in the workshop, you can catch their video with us down below.

Workshop Presentation

This session was filmed on Teams for our online delegates, and you can watch the video below to hear what Holly and Tim had to say about their research. The discussion at the end was not recorded but to find out more about the questions that audience members asked, have a look at the Twitter conversation below.

Further Resources

Check out these pictures from the day!

Photos from Oxford Atelier and artwork by Tom Bailey (@tombaileyart).

Workshop Live Tweets

You can read a great thread below from Mark who live-tweeted the workshop via @Mental_Elf.

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