The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for

Led by: James Duggan, Katy Rubin, Niamh Carroll, and young lived experience experts from the Optimistic Minds: An Innovative Approach to Evidence-based Decision Making in Youth Mental Health Project

 The Optimistic Minds project has sought to create a dialogue between young people’s experiences and empirical evidence of ‘what works’ in youth mental health provision. This workshop used legislative theatre methods to explore tensions and productive possibilities. It is designed for anyone vested in working with young people to navigate translating mental health evidence into practice. 

Three key messages:
  1. Youth voice must be included evidence-based decision making   
  2. Legislative theatre enables dialogue between young people and those working in mental health    
  3. We need to invest in sustainable approaches for including youth voice in mental health   

This workshop was connected to our Big Question research challenge: how do we implement effective promotion of good mental health, prevention, and early treatment for mental health problems at scale amongst children and young people?  

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