The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: Why working with parents makes your research better (and how to do it well)

Led by: Kirstin Eccles, Rachael Loftus, Nikki Chapman, Yasmeen Zaman, and Cathy Creswell  

You know the importance of working with parents, but what next? This workshop gave attendees the chance to hear about parents’ personal experiences of working with researchers and practitioners; what it feels like when it’s done badly and what good practice looks like.

Three key messages:
  1. Working with parents/carers makes for better outcomes for everyone.
  2. Improving the quality of research by harnessing the lived experience of parents/carers.
  3. Top tips for working with parents/carers. 
Panelists and audience, with large powerpoint with sketches on them behind

This workshop was connected to our Supporting the Supporters research challenge: How can young people, family members, and settings be better enabled to help promote good mental health and prevent and overcome emerging mental health problems?  

Further Resources

Nikki talking as a panel member
Cathy talking as panel member

Photos from Oxford Atelier

Workshop Live Tweets

You can read a great thread below from @laurene_fontane who live-tweeted the workshop.

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