Its Not That Deep: Drama Series on Loneliness

The Emerging Minds Network is excited to share the new drama short film series “Its Not That Deep“. The three-part series was written and acted by a group of young people in just five weeks, in collaboration with Fully Focused Productions and our CoRay team.

Episodes 1 and 3 draw on our evidence-informed recommendations for supporting young people feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected

Episode 2 draws on insights from Swansea University on cyberbullying and how to help as part of the Adolescent Mental Health project.

All three episodes are available to watch below, and we hope they will stimulate discussion on feeling lonely, isolated and disconnected.

Episode 1

When Skylar and Tia start at the youth club their friendship is put to the test. Will Skylar ever feel like she fits in?

Episode 2

Skylar’s new-found friendship with Cas is put to the test after an embarrassing video goes viral. It feels like the whole world is laughing at him. What will his new friend do?

Episode 3

After all the drama, what will happen to their friendships? Will the youth club crew reconnect?

If you are affected by any of the issues in the series, or you are working with young people, you can find useful resources, advice and helplines to support your mental health and wellbeing via Every Mind Matters and from the Welsh Government.

We are very grateful to the Medical Research Council, the Westminster FoundationMQ and the Welsh Government for supporting the production of these films.