Planet Divoc-91

Planet DIVOC 91 logo

We were delighted to have been able to work with the team behind Planet Divoc-91 on their ninth and final issue.

Planet Divoc-91 is a web-comic collaboration between comic book creators, academics and young people around the world. It is an allegorical sci-fi story featuring the experiences of young people during the pandemic and was kick-started with funding from the University of Manchester.

This reflects the goals of our CoRAY project which aimed to provide easily-accessible resources to help young people manage their mental health during the pandemic and beyond.

Planet DIVOC 91 logo

We were able to offer advice from our evidence-based Managing Change and Uncertainty evidence briefing which was incorporated into the ninth issue of the story.

We are very grateful to the Medical Research Council and the Westminster Foundation for supporting this work.

Image from Planet Divoc comic - Girl character says, 'My Dad was a Doctor and when he died, I became afraid of losing people and a bit paranoid if I'm honest.' Girl character replies, 'I've learnt from my time here that avoiding uncertaintly is impossible, it's important that we learn to tolerate it'. Another character responds, 'How we supposed to do that?'. Girl character replies, 'Separate out what we can change or control from what we can't. Focus our energies on solvable problems. We need to return home, with our alien friends, get the baby aliens healthy again ... and beat this asteroid'. The unseen character answers, 'She's got a point'.