Podcast – Find out more about our Funding Call

For our latest podcast episode, we wanted to provide as much information as possible for people who are planning to make applications for our Funding Call.

We are keen to make sure that we get applications from across the sector so we have tried to cover as many aspects as possible in these four clips.


Introduction to the Network

To start with, Professor Cathy Creswell, Principal Investigator for Emerging Minds, sat down to give a background on what Emerging Minds is, who we’ve been working with and what we’re trying to achieve.

Overview of Funding Call

Having explained our Research Challenges and where they come from, our Network Manager, Emily Lloyd gave an overview of what is going on with Emerging Minds’ First Funding Call. She explained what sort of proposals we’ll be looking for, who can apply and gave a timeline about what to expect.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you may be aware, we have been keeping track of the questions and concerns that people have had about the Funding Call so far and have been regularly updating our FAQs page accordingly.

Here, Emily talked to Cathy about some of these questions to provide more detail and hopefully help people get a clearer idea of what to expect if they apply for our Funding Call.

The main areas that they chatted about were Eligibility and Practicality; who can apply and what is involved in the process?

Funding Call - Eligibility

Funding Call - Practicalities

We really hope that this information is useful as people prepare to submit their proposals for the funding call.

We would just remind you all again that there are still spaces available on our Proposal Development workshops and that if you have any other queries, we are available via email. You can also stay up to date with events by following us on Twitter or signing up for our monthly newsletter.