The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: Finding the words to explore unspoken experiences

This workshop focused on raising awareness of the challenges faced by children and young people with sensory experiences. The facilitators presented the research they had conducted with young people with lived experience and explored experiences that are seldom talked about to advance our understanding and discuss options for support.

Three key messages:
  1. How collaboration with young people can set the research agenda  
  2. Young people’s generosity in supporting research and development projects   
  3. Using the arts to create platforms for new ideas   

This workshop was connected to our Supporting the Supporters research challenge: How can young people, family members, and settings be better enabled to help promote good mental health and prevent and overcome emerging mental health problems?  

Further Resources

Check out these pictures from the day!

Photos from Oxford Atelier and artwork by Tom Bailey (@tombaileyart).

Workshop Live Tweets

You can read a great thread below from Molly Murray who live-tweeted the workshop via @smollypsych.

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