The Big Emerging Minds Summit

Workshop: Language, communication, and mental health

This workshop aimed to encourage anyone working with young people experiencing mental health challenges to reflect on the needs of those they support and remember that those young people may also have additional language and communication needs that are unrecognised and unsupported.

Three key messages:
  1. Many young people with mental health needs also have speech language and communication needs (SLCN) which are often unrecognised    
  2. We wanted to find out what those affected by mental health and SLCN wanted from research  
  3. We wanted to know why research into the links between mental health and SLCN is difficult and how we could change this 
Melanie facing audience presenting

Photo from Oxford Atelier

This workshop was connected to our Embracing Complexity research challenge: How can we best meet the needs of children and young people who have intersecting needs and face complex situations? 

Further Resources

Workshop Live Tweets

You can read a great thread below from Dr Emma Berry who live-tweeted the workshop via @EmmaBerry90.

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