Funding Call – Reviewer Advice

For our first Emerging Minds funding call, we have brought together a team of young people who are experts by experience, as well as parents and carers of children & young people who have experienced mental health problems.

Our Emerging Minds Reviewers and members of Advisory group were joined by members of the Institute for Mental Health’s Youth Advisory Group at several of our proposal development workshops.

We asked our Reviewers to look at the three selection criteria which we will be using during the funding call:

  • Potential for Impact

  • Research excellence, planning and management

  • Collaboration and involvement

They shared their feedback with us around what they will be looking for in applications, including common pitfalls to avoid and their recommendations for best practice.

Here is a flavour of the top recommendations from our Reviewers and Advisors:

  • Who is involved? Have the stakeholders been included?
  • Does the team include non-academic partners?
  • Are the research participants valued as individuals?
  • Is there meaningful involvement at all stages?
  • Has the research been carefully considered in how it can be supportive of young people’s involvement?
  • Is young people’s contribution recognised and incentivised?
Unmet Needs
  • Will the project have findings which are applicable for marginalised groups of young people?
  • Does it address more stigmatised illnesses?
New Ideas
At Scale/ Targetted
Importance of Attitudes & Context

For more information on how best to put together a proposal involving interdisciplinary research, why not check out our podcast on Engaging with the voluntary and community sector?

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