How can we best support children and young people with their worries and anxiety: Recommended Resources

These links from trusted sources have been grouped by age category to make it easier for you to find age-appropriate information for your child/ the child you’re supporting.

You know your child/ the child you are supporting best so please use these groupings flexibly.

For younger children

  • Nanogirl Live has produced a couple of videos explaining COVID-19 and why it is important to wash our hands/ sneeze and cough into our elbows
  • This comic strip provides a visual explanation of the COVID-19 outbreak and what we can do to stop its spread

For school aged children

For older young people/ adults  

  • The World Health Organisation has released this video containing facts about COVID-19 and ways in which the spread can be prevented
  • The Centre for Disease Control has produced a 1 page COVID-19 fact sheet

Resources for parents/ carers explaining COVID-19

Resources for those working with children

Videos and Podcasts

Resources for children and young people with specific needs

Resources for adults


Information for parents and carers on online safety